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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

building a home {day 24}

A couple of days ago [I wrote about having increase from my "oxen"] I read in Proverbs 14:1, Every wise woman buildeth her house...

And today I read a little more about building a house [home]. In Proverbs 24, I read: Through wisdom is an house builded [same as in 14:1]; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

It is reiterated that wisdom is required to build [establish or restore] our home. As women we must seek God's wisdom in establishing anything that has to do with our home: routines, plans, even how we decorate... {I am just saying that God cares! And I love to decorate with or take inspiration from nature...}; and I know the Lord helped me with our current furniture layout [{smiles}-my husband was skeptical until it was all in place]. God cares to be a part of every aspect of our "home-building." 

But understanding is also important to building my home, as today's verse proceeds. The Lord can give insight and discretion to make decisions about everything. He can help me learn about healthy foods, better organization, scheduling activities... and explaining these things to my children. If I do not understand it, I cannot effectively teach it.

With knowledge the rooms of my home can be filled with precious and pleasant riches. Perception and skill are two words used to describe knowledge here. 

I must pay attention [use perception] to what is going on around me... my children's and husband's activities. If I am not aware of some things, my house can spin out of control quickly!

I sometimes must use or learn a skill to help me take care of my home-the physical structure AND the people who reside with me. I am so thankful my mother took the time to teach me some basics in sewing and pattern following when I was a teenager. Clothing construction is a skill that the Lord has helped me develop... and it has aided our family and others for many years.

Of course, there are many other skills that women can use to build their home wisely... And I strive to learn something about each of them: cooking, organizing, cleaning, decorating, etc. Today, I am purposing to ask God's help in learning how to do each of them wisely!

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