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Monday, October 15, 2012

compared to oxen {day 15}

Well, this is not from yesterday's message. 

It is from the Proverb for yesterday. 

Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox. Proverbs 14:4

I heard this verse preached several times while in Bible College. I had never actually understood it before that.
It has become a motto of mine since becoming a mother of 4. {lol}

While I strive, regularly, to put things in order and keep things clean and straightened, it is not a possibility at this season of my life for my home to be perfectly "kept" at all times each day.

And yes, I realize I am comparing my children to oxen. {smiles}

But while they are yet small and in-training... and until they leave, my home will have some measure of chaos. I realize there are those ladies who have several small children and their home never seems to look like it {I applaud them!}, but I am not one of them. And while I hate tripping on blocks and slipping on books, I cannot compare myself to them. 

I must compare myself with what I am asked to do and how diligently I try to do it. I do not have the ability to keep all the plates juggling {pick-up toys, clean laundry, wash dishes, fold laundry, vacuum, put laundry away, etc} at all times every day. And some days, all the plates simply crash and stay there. {oh yes, they do.}

And besides all the "house-keeping" responsibilities, I am also trying to teach my children how to keep a house... as well as to love God and obey His Words. While my example is paramount, I must take time to speak to them also. And we must have hands-on discussions at times... either in actual chores being done over and over or in discipline-both apply.

And I also have several responsibilities outside of 'home-keeping' that I do from my home.

But my point is, people are messy. Life is messy. But when I loose site of the goal: my children being grown, functioning, responsible Christian adults, the messy makes me feel like I am not accomplishing anything. So I have to remind myself....

when my "oxen" are gone... my crib may be a bit neater... but I pray Christ's work is stronger because my children are active in it!
I pray this is an encouragement to someone today!


  1. Everytime I visit and read you, I love your "voice"! Wonderful post! From a fellow plate dropper... I nominated you for The Liebster Award!! Come over and visit to read more about it! Hope you play along!!

    1. AJ-I am honored for the award. I will hop over later to see what it is about.

      and thank you for your encouraging words!


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