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Monday, October 15, 2012

is that ENTHUSIASM I see? {day 14}

Sunday's and today's "be still and know" posts both come from the messages yesterday.

Last evening my Pastor spoke from Psalm 119:33-40 about several attitudes of King David that caused him to have such a close relationship with God.

Amid the points such as: be teachable, desire understanding, bend your ear towards listening to God, and others.... the point that I suppose stood out the most to me was the last one.

Coming from verse 40: Behold, I have longed after thy precepts: quicken me in thy righteousness...

and focusing in on the word quicken, my pastor went on to give an example of it...

**At the end of music camp where where his granddaughter attended this past summer, he and his wife went to here the grand performance that would close the 2 weeks. Not really knowing what to expect, they were pleasantly greeted with beautiful music well-performed by dedicated teenagers.

What impressed the evening on him most was the obvious love and enthusiasm the conductor had! He described him as taking the wand and pointing vigorously at the different sections and waving it up and down and all over to direct the various instruments in their different parts of the music. The way he was gesturing to convey what he meant left me tired. {lol} To think of a man moving with such vigor for an entire symphony is exhausting. He had an evident joy for the music... for leading the orchestra. And the students played with equal enthusiasm to the point they were not still but moving and swaying with the music during the entire performance.**

This... this obvious enthusiasm and excitement was used to describe the word: quicken. 

 And David used quicken to describe how he wanted to live righteousness-with enthusiasm!

And it got me to thinking.... about my children {of course!}. How it brings an unspeakable joy and thrill to my heart when my children are happy to see me.
But I think especially of those few months as small babes when they cannot express verbally their joy... and their whole little, tiny bodies express it for them. Their arms wave, their faces nearly split from smiling, their little legs just pump like they are trying to push themselves into orbit {smiles}. My heart melts, and I just enjoy holding them.

When I have obvious [meaning others notice it] enthusiasm for whatever I am doing ...simply BECAUSE I am serving the Lord... could that not bring God a little bit of a "parent thrill"? 

I realize that I am giving God my finite emotions, but we know that God joys in knowing His children obey His word, desire to serve Him, have His joy... and He patterned the Christian relationship after "father & child" for a reason. 

Maybe He wanted us to have the opportunity to know more about Him as we teach and train children for His glory.
And today, I am trying to be enthusiastic about some housework I need to get done! {smiles}


  1. :) awww. I love the imagery of the infant kicking and waving and wiggling in excitement! That is EXACTLY how I want to LOVE my Father!


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