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Saturday, October 13, 2012

having answers {day 13}

For nearly 2 weeks I have posted each day of things the Lord has shown me either from personal Bible reading to in the simple day-to-day of being at home with my children.
Today, I have read several familiar passages {as was in my scheduled reading} and 1 of my usual "daily devotionals" and there has not been one particular thought or lesson that has made itself shareable. Several previous posts have been brought to mind though.  {smile-ever learning...[being a more faithful witness of His Love] ~ [personal responsibility] ~ [how I can have strength] ~ [seeing my own faults in my children’s needs] ~ [learning to live as His child from my own children] to name a few}

Often the Lord shows me things that simply are not meant for me to share with the world, because my desire for this blog is to not be divisive. I do realize there are some who do not agree with 100% of what I share, but my prayer is that nothing I write can be taken and turned on the Lord to say: Look, she claims to be following Jesus and yet she is constantly having other Christians criticize or rebuke her for this or that. That makes my testimony of no effect for God’s glory.

Some things the Lord shows me personally are quite controversial, such as with dress standards or music our family will listen to or even how I plan to vote...I have personal, God-directed, husband-approving {yes, that is important to me!}, philosophies and opinions about all of those areas.

And there are blogs out there where the blogger’s simple desire to to share everything... and that’s fine!

But that is not my blog’s purpose. I strive to only speak of how God is changing my own heart.

Some posts I hesitate to publish because I am uncertain of the reaction, and I must be sensitive to my family’s place of influence in our church. I do not want to come across as pointing a finger at anyone. The “followers” number often fluctuates and I wonder... was it something I wrote or did they just really not understand what this blog was about when they first started following? [I don’t actually write to grow a “following,” but I do notice those things.]

Most of my posts are first read by my husband. A few posts have been read by close, Godly friends before I hit “publish.”

One verse in my reading today that perhaps prompted these thoughts was in Proverbs 13:10- Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well-advised there is wisdom.

While I wish to speak only truth, and I strive to do it in love, I also wish to do so with a visible humility so as to avoid contention due to my personage.

My heart’s desire is to not come across as someone who gushes that she has found all the answers because even though the principles I do find and share come from Scripture, I will never have ALL the answers [and neither will you {smiles}].

And aside from salvation, there is much of our life as Christians that is simply to be governed by the two great commands Jesus shared in Matthew. I wrote a little about that on {day 1}. But I do praise the Lord that I know where to FIND the answer to anything I need.

I suppose that is it for today. I was still... the Lord showed me things I have already written about that need more attention in my own life. 

And He reminded me of my need to be peaceable and show humility in all things I write.

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