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Monday, October 8, 2012

the Lord's joy... my strength {day 7}

Sundays are a little hectic. Usually I try not to schedule or allow anything that might take away from any calmness that might be found in getting ready for church services and praying for our Pastor. Thus, I did not get my post typed out yesterday for day 7.

But the Lord did speak to me.... {smiles}
one of the faces that makes my heart HAPPY!
There were several things that I wrote down in my notes from the messages yesterday. I want to share one with you.

The source of our strength... in those weak days {or any day!} is the Lord. A verse that popped in my mind was from Nehemiah where it says: the joy of the Lord is your strength.

I think this thought originated with what my Pastor was saying {and I think he actually spoke of that verse}, but honestly, there are times my mind is triggered by something and I start having my own little service in my head for a few minutes... with verses and thoughts ministering to me... inside my head... {am I strange? does this happen to anyone else?}.

Regardless of where it originated, this thought encouraged me:

I often would think of this phrase in that verse in the context of 
  “God’s joy in my heart will give me the strength to face the day....”

But what if another way to think of it is equally true? 
“When I do things that bring God joy, 
                         I receive the strength I need to carry on.”

And this thought made me wonder about what I might do that brings God joy!!

Thinking about the parent/child relationship, I know my own children bring my heart joy when they

or when they
do right even when their friends do not...

or when
they just say the love me & give a hug... out-of-the-blue....

Is it possible those things bring my Heavenly Father joy, too? Thus giving me strength to keep on going.

Thinking about the friend/lover relationship, I know my husband brings joy to my heart when he
speaks up on my behalf.... {maybe I could speak of the Lord’s goodness}

when he
tells me how much I mean to him {in prayer, I can praise God for who He is... simply because I know He loves me}

How about you!? What sort of things do you think might bring Joy to the Lord in your life? When you do those things, do you find that strength results? I know I do!


  1. Great thoughts! I love how becoming a parent opened my eyes to the relationship with the Heavenly Father, not just a sovereign God. I'm often comparing how my children make me feel to how I must make my Father feel. Your blog is encouraging! :)

    1. Hi Joy! Thank you for taking time to comment. It is amazing what the Lord has allowed me to learn about Himself through being a parent. I praise Him that you have found encouragement here!

  2. This thought resounded with me as well last night. I was going to write a post about it too, but now after reading yours, I'm afraid there might be too much plagiarism in mine. :-) Good words. :-)

    1. Jessica---don't worry about that. just write what the Lord taught you! thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  3. Sweetheart, I am afraid it is true: Like mother, like daughter for I have such jaunts of 'mini' sermons in my head as well, but truthfully I see them as Holy Spirit inspired (using the speakers words to prompt me :). )moments of helpful application to me personally. Very good, encouraging and helpful.

    1. lol, mom. tis true :) but not a bad thing. I have many conversations with the Lord in my head. some are things to share, some are not :) thank you for commenting too!!

  4. My minisermons usually end up with my brain at walmart and "What a cute coat...I wonder how she's her (husband, child, cousin, etc) is doing...I need new glasses...ok ok...back to the sermon."

    1. oh Amelia! :) i understand that too. :)


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