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Monday, October 8, 2012

when life happens {day 8}

You know the saying "Life is what happens after you make plans."?

That was my day today. I had plans to "farm the kids out" {not really, just asked a trusted, sweet lady to keep them for the day}... so I could concentrate on some truly necessary things in our home that keep getting pushed further and further into {not onto, that would imply I'm still entertaining thoughts of them. haha} the back burner. 
And then, last night, I heard a racking, hoarse cough coming from the girls' room. I knew right away which one it was... my baby girl. Her congestion had finally settled, hard, right in her chest.

She woke up coughing... and crying, which made it worse. And made my momma-heart hurt.

But even amid the fatigue, the Lord gave me strength and brought certain things to my remembrance to help me help her. We got her coughing calmed down, and she went back to sleep for several hours... then it was time to get her sisters up for school. 
A little while later, the baby's nasal drainage caused his tummy to not appreciate his breakfast... {but he jumped right back up to being his normal, happy little self... and we are all cleaned and disinfected. hehe}

All this to paint a backdrop for this one thought:
...[God's] strength is made perfect in [my] weakness.  
2 Corinthians 12:9 [added]

While this has been a far cry from my "worst day ever," life happened to bring me a day far different than I had planned. And because I know HIM... I can rest in His strength when days just don't turn out the way I wanted.

edited: {not saying I always do rest in this strength, just that I can... and it is blessed}

I pray you can also find rest in His strength when life happens... after you make those plans {smiles}.


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