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ordinary {blessings}

inspired by:
right where you are

My beautiful mother provided this book for me after I recommended the author's blog a Holy experience.

I have been reading it slowly. Comparing her thoughts to The Word. She has an exquisite form to penning her thoughts. [it reminds me of my own rough drafts. but then I have this obsession with correct grammar and punctuation. but not so much recently. not with just expressing thoughts].

Ann challenges anyone who reads her blog or her book to begin their own journey to a gratitude spirit by simply recording things they find in the everyday to be thankful for. not just the sunset over the shore beautiful experiences but also the ping of rain on the window pane. or the pillows and quilts piled high to bring comfort when sick. 

So. here is where I will begin. 
recording my own: one thousand gifts... And I may share a few from my family as we continue on our thankfulness quest during family quiet time [post coming soon].

  1. sunshine through the kitchen window
  2. 2 little girls who play. together.
  3. 4 pair of bright blue eyes. 
  4. and the little bodies they go with. who love. each other. me. 
  5. a man who loves. me. our children
  6. the miniature fist that tugs my hair. and the heartstrings.
  7. my husband's kind boss [and his wife].
  8. a church who is our family.
  9. soft baby body cuddles
10. crisp autumn air
11. soft, warm blankets
12. salvation
13. sisters in Christ
14. a kitchen table that can seat our whole family
15. Godly parents. on both sides
16. a friend who saw a need
17. the ability to share
18. hand-me-down clothing
19. second-hand stores
20. my sewing machine
21. and the man who gave it to me. just because
22. the abundance of toys in our house
23. quiet music on a quiet morning
24. children sleeping in
25. big hugs from little people
26. apples on sale
27. fragrance of fresh bread
28. electricity
29. light. sunshine pouring into my home. my life
30. clean, clear drinking water
31. simple recipes
32. our house called home
33. sweet friendships that last. through time & miles
34. the squeak of the car door that tells me he's home
35. the reason for the dishes that did not get put away, yet
36. running hot water
37. conventional toothpaste
38. the reason there are bows and hair bands all over this house
39. the opportunity to have a Special Day with just my family
40. knowing there are those in other states who love me
41. a uncomplicated Christmas
42. bright eyes watching lights
43. sweet hugs accompanying precious gifts
44. healthy babies
45. simple gifts

please leave a thought of gratitude from your own ordinary. I would love to know it.