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Saturday, October 6, 2012

marriage thoughts {day 6}

a totally "fall" decor--it was beautiful!!
So, today we had a wedding at our church-two young people who grew up in our church... who had a beautiful engagement and now wedding. I am praying their marriage is just as beautiful!

I read the Proverb for today, and there was many directions I could take this post.
But today, I am going to just tell you how God spoke to me at the wedding... even amid needing to take my children out because the baby was not agreeable :/.

Today, I remembered just HOW MUCH my husband means to me. He is my gift. He is the man God gave to me to take care of and cherish me, and he does.

yep, goldfish :)
One of the songs sung during the ceremony spoke of "the two of us is all we need." And another one sung spoke of "walking hand in hand"... being friends. My husband truly is my best friend. And to keep a harmonious friendship {with anyone!} I must be friendly {a different Proverb}. I must speak kindly, lovingly even when occasionally reproving. I must allow the Lord to temper my reactions when they are not what they should be.

gorgeous and delicious!!
And  I must remember that, after God, he is my life. My husband is my life! He is my ministry. As and extension of our love, our children are my ministry... but they are not my life in the same way that my husband is. I must remember that I am training and teaching my daughters how to have their own home one day. I must teach my son about being a Godly leader in his own home with his own wife one day!

So, today, this evening.... I am remembering to be intentional so that he will know he is my life.

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