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Friday, October 5, 2012

dangers of being "strange" {day 5}

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{{before I begin this post, I feel I must say this.... I realize that some of the thoughts I am sharing during this 31 days may seem a bit strong. I apologize if I come across that way. I am truly only sharing things the Lord has shown me about my own life, about the lives of my children and what to teach them. 

I totally get it that some people may not see or understand the same thing I do. I do not always see a passage the same as another, but we can edify each other that way.

That is the beauty of studying Scriptures on a personal level. That is the beauty of our God! I pray you are blessed and encouraged!}}
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Now... on to what is growing me today!
Proverbs chapter 5 gives warning to a young man about the dangers of the "strange woman." 

I would like to think that there is not a whole lot for me, a Christian, trying-to-be-Godly woman to really get out of that.  

But, there is much there for me. There is an example, several explicit illustrations, of what I should not be as well as character traits I need to guard my own daughters against developing and principles I need to teach my son.
I know that, in general, people can be a little touchy about the subject of the "strange woman." Many people have used her as a launching point for dwelling on dress and "modesty." I am not going there!

A totally different thought struck me this morning as I read this chapter.

...the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: but her end is bitter as wormwood... [Proverbs 5:3,4]

How often do I speak as honey purely with the intention of getting my own way-which in turn often has results that are bitter as wormwood...? 

... ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them. Hear me now ... depart not from the words of my mouth. Remove thy way far from her...Lest thou give thine honour unto others... [Proverbs 5:6-9]

Are my ways moveable? Do I allow my "mood" to affect {move} how I treat my family? Sadly, that is something I struggle with at times-to the point that my husband canst not know [my ways]. When I allow how I feel to so deeply affect how I act, I am a detriment to the Lord's ministry in my husband's life as well as my own testimony to my children {and others}... and the honor of our family is harmed.
Now, I know that this "strange woman" spoken of here is an harlot, and I know that the Bible is teaching young men not to seek out a woman with these traits as she will lead them to ruin; but as a Christian, trying-to-be-Godly woman... I need to guard my own heart against those tenancies.

...because I cannot forget that I have 3 little girls and a sweet baby-man looking at ME to see what a Godly woman should act like.


  1. I would leave a comment on day 5 and 6 if I wasn't so convicted.

    1. i understand... i had to WRITE it. lol.... God doesn't usually talk to me about things that don't need any work. :)


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