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Friday, August 24, 2012

what the Lord helped me accomplish!

I did this post on my family's blog also, but thought I would share it here as these are what consumed much of my time the few weeks before school began!
Here are the girls' dresses the Lord allowed me to put together in the weeks just before school began. There are a few that did not get photographed yet because they were either dirty or being worn... I'll see about getting pix of them another day. Please excuse the need for pressing.

close up of the braid we did on the collar

Anya {the green spots are turtles}
Kyria {one of my favs!}
Kyria {the one that has a Molly match}
close up of the ruffle

Here is a wonderful tutorial if anyone out there wonders how I did this. I measured from their shoulder down to their waist to know where I wanted to trim the shirt. I used the excess from the shirt bottoms to create the ruffles. As long as your shirt is not tight and has some give, and the skirt is at least as wide as the shirt stretched out a bit, you do not actually have to measure how wide, etc. like in the tutorial. But if you are starting from scratch with a T and some fabric, the fabric should be at least 1.25 times as wide as the bottom of the shirt. {if that makes any sense :)}

Every single one of these came from a thrifted skirt-so I did not have to hem anything! Praise the Lord. :) And most of the t-shirts were thrifted also. The skirts for Kyria were actually ladies'! I can hardly believe how tall she is getting. I also do not usually talk about how much things cost, but ALL of these dresses plus the few that did not make it into the pictures cost less than $40 total {that's 14 [+?] dresses!!} plus 4-5 days of "mommy moments" {15 minutes here... 30 minutes there...} to put them together. and THAT is exciting to me! YEAH!! God is good.
so there you go. :) School is now in full swing, and the girlies are enjoying their new dresses!

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