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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

doing right verses having rights

Sometimes, the difference between having rights and doing right is a wavy, blurry line.
this is not about gun control! {but aren't they cute?}
I have many privileges as an American. I have vasts amounts of opportunities when I am willing to work and sacrifice. I have all the ability I need to DO right, because Jesus is [or should be] my strength.

But this "my rights' attitude" [me time, anyone?] that I have, on occasion, been sucked into is not Biblical. For one thing, it is putting the focus on ME. I'ved studied through a little of that before. [This is not to say we do not ever need rest or an occasional break. But there is a "me mentality" that comes from thinking only of me and what *I* need/want. And that is what I am talking about being caught up in.]

And if, as a wife and mother, I am overwhelmed by certain tasks or expectations, then that is my cue to step back and take a few evaluations of myself and my motives.

I must evaluate my motive for doing this overwhelming task and determine who exactly set the expectation. The only true, pure Biblical motive is to do all to the glory of God [I Corinthians 10:31]. The Lord sets expectations of what He requires from us; but He also ALWAYS gives us the strength to meet them. {-because God gets glory when His strength is magnified through our weakness: 2 Corinthians 12:6-10-}

Evaluating my motive is often a soul-searching, prayerful endeavor. Our hearts are deceitful [Jeremiah 17:9]. We will lie to ourselves when not careful to ask the Lord to shed His light on our motives, because sometimes we try to do things {even GOOD things} for the wrong reason. And sometimes we let others put expectations on us that are not from Him.
let her rest while she will...

So, if my motive is pure and the expectations set are from the Lord, why may I feel as though there is not sufficient strength?

This is where I often get convicted, because there are so very many times that  I KNOW I am doing what I ought. But the strength is not there. When there is not enough strength to get through the day or the project or whatever, I realize that I really am doing this "good thing" all by myself. I have once again taken the reins into my own hands... plucked them from my Father, who expertly handles them while I falter and stumble through.

So, while I have many "rights" as an American and I even have much freedom as a Christian, when I get into the mindset of "having a right" for something or to do something, I forfeit the strength that comes from following the path God has set for my day, because God will not give me His strength to follow my own path.


  1. Thank you for this reminder. I fall into the "me" trap so many times! I count you as my friend and I'm glad to have gotten to know you better online over the past few years. You challenge me! :)

    1. Joy, thank you for your comment. I am thankful to have gotten to know several "girls" I didn't know very well in college :) and you are one of them! and please know that anything I may write that challenges you has come from God's convicting my own heart... and much more severely than I could convey at times! One of my greatest fears is that someone would come across a blog post I have published and think I sound like I have it all figured out.
      your comment encourages me and I am excited about the new blog too! so many great posts already. :)
      have a great day!


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