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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

traveling thoughts {day 23}

Busy day yesterday!

In my Proverbs reading yesterday the verses that really stuck out were the first few: When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee: and out a knife to thy throat if thou be a man given to appetite... [verses 1 & 2]

In context, the verses go on to speak about not being envious of what others, particularly those with more, have that I do not. And I have often heard contentment when I read this passage.

But today, I saw something a little different... though in relation to contentment. I saw self-control... or temperance.  

We must have control over our appetite. Here it speaks directly of food, but we all have appetites for many things: food, books, friends, travel, money... it is all just stuff. Stuff I have a less consuming desire for when I am desiring the Spirit's control.

And here my thoughts traveled....

Temperance is a part of the Fruit that the Spirit produces our lives when we allow Him to work. [Galatians 5:22,23]

And I must exercise {allow God's Spirit to teach me!} control in my life in areas and situations that cause tension or stress. {from appetite control... hm}

Many times as a mother... my children bring tension {stress} through myriad of situations. Maybe I am in a hurry because of a lack of proper planning, and they are just pokin' along. That brings some stress! Or one of them has a melt-down for whatever reason, and I "loose" my control. 

How can my children learn what temperance is if Mommy's life doesn't have it!?

When I know that I will be a "single mom" for a few days... I get a little stressed. I have grown to rely in my husband as the better half of my brain, the more controlled disciplinarian, the more patient teacher, a part of me/us! We are a team, and we work well together. {These times also give me a burden to pray more for my single parent friends!}

And while that is wonderful and in God's design for husband and wife to become knit together like that, I must never loose sight of God's working and growing my own life as an individual... and that as an individual, I must learn temperance. I must allow the Spirit to bring control and calm into my life, not my husband.

I suppose my thoughts took an interesting route to get here, but yesterday {and today! and probably many tomorrows...} I am desiring the Spirit to produce a control in my life that can only come from Him!

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