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Friday, October 14, 2011


the gradual decline into disorder.
sometimes, not so gradual [toddlers anyone?]

the struggle against decay.

The constant upkeep of home, family, friends [life] is, at times, staggering.  The weight of it causes my feet to stumble. My path becomes broken and I fall. sometimes so very hard. to my knees. where I should have been to begin this journey. every day. on my knees before the God of this universe. who deigns Himself to love me. 

He reaches down. not to grasp a hand or push me onward. but to pick me up. soul and spirit. and brush me clean with tender Forgiveness. 

He sets me on my feet. holding me steady until such time as I am ready to try again. this time with my hand firmly grasping His. Only His steps can make my path straight again. So I will follow. There are no stumbling ridges when I simply hide in His shadow. walking this path under the cover of His wing. 

And Gentleness reminds me 
of Goodness every. time. I. fall.

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