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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{7 keys} being emotionally whole .7

KEY 7:
Help of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is imparted to you when you place your trust in Jesus Christ. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is to give you daily guidance and counsel--in other words, to help you walk in the ways of the Lord and to make wise choices as various situations and circumstances arise.

Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Ask Him to guard you from evil and to guide you into righteousness. Give Him charge over your agenda, your schedule, and your daily appointments. Trust Him to bring you to persons in need so that you might minister to them, and to bring to you the help you need in the form that is best for you to receive it.

I close this series of articles on Being Emotionally Whole by saying with both forthrightness and love that I've never known anyone who was emotionally defeated who was filled with the Spirit of God. This seems to be the vital key to emotional victory.

Speaking to a large audience, D.L. Moody help up a glass and asked, "How can I get the air out of this glass?" One man shouted, "Suck it out with a pump!" Moody replied, "That would create a vacuum and shatter the glass." After numerous other suggestions, Moody smiled, picked up a pitcher of water and filled the glass. "there," he said," all the air is now removed." He then went on to explain that victory in the Christian life is not accomplished by "sucking out a sin here and there," but by being filled with the Holy Spirit.

May God grant you victory in your life over the emotions which may bind you!

written by Dr. Mike Rouse
used by permission

My Pastor writes a short article for our Sunday bulletin every week [and has for many years]. Currently, he is writing a series on Being Emotionally Whole, and I wanted to share it with you during the next few weeks. My posting these articles is not my Pastor's endorsement of my blog. All  opinions and thoughts expressed [unless otherwise noted, as here] are purely my own [and my family's] and not specifically affiliated with my church.

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