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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{7 keys} being emotionally whole .1

My Pastor writes a short article for our Sunday bulletin every week [and has for many years]. Currently, he is writing a series on Being Emotionally Whole, and I wanted to share it with you during the next few weeks. My posting these articles is not my Pastor's endorsement of my blog. All  opinions and thoughts expressed [unless otherwise noted, as here] are purely my own [and my family's] and not specifically affiliated with my church.

 KEY 1: 
Give your heart to Christ.

Spiritual redemption is the first key toward developing a positive self-image. People who do not know Christ may claim that they think the world of themselves, but they will not draw that conclusion if they are honest. Most unbelievers I know who state that they are self-sufficient in themselves and do not need Christ are miserable people in crises. They are like beautiful flowering weeds with no strong root system.

They have only themselves upon which to rely for strength, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and new methods. Eventually, they get to the end of themselves. They do not have the Holy Spirit resident in them to build them up in Christ in a way that is based on truth and is comforting even in times of chastisement.

Having a relationship with Christ Jesus resolves many issues that undermine emotional wholeness: 
--feeling guilty. Guilt is created when you have unforgiven sin. When you ask for God's forgiveness, you are forgiven. Guilt is washed away. 

--feeling unloved. When you turn to Christ, you must accept, at least at  some level, that God loves you and desires to have an eternal relationship with you.

--having a spirit of revenge. Once you have accepted God's free gift of salvation-- acknowledging your sin and need of a Savior-- you are no longer in a position to attempt to justify Why God should not forgive others who are also sinners in need of a Savior. What God has done for you, He desires to do for all men and woman,, regardless of their past. 

--striving to earn favor with God. God's gift of salvation is free. You cannot earn it, buy it or achieved it through good works. You do not  deserve it. When you truly are born anew spiritually, you must accept that any favor you have with God is on the basis of what Christ has done, is doing, and will do in your and through you.

If you truly want to be emotionally whole, you must give your life to Christ.

written by Dr. Mike Rouse
used by permission

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