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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

foriegn missionaries

This week our church has had our Faith Promise Missions Conference. It began Sunday and will end this evening. We do things a little differently than I have seen in other churches, but I really like it! Monday through Wednesday the Missionaries each have a room of their own in our high school building and you can choose which Missionary to visit each evening.  It is fun to be in small groups with the Missionaries.

Today, I am thankful for foreign missionaries [all Christians are to be missionaries right where we are!]. My husband grew up on a foreign field. His parents are still faithfully serving the Lord in Japan. They have been there nearly 35 years! 

I have friends all over the world. sharing the Gospel with people of many languages and cultures.

THANK YOU for your faithfulness to our Lord. 

My family and I appreciate you!

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