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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

am I a Christian?

I suppose that in order to know if I AM a Christian, I should understand what it means to BE a Christian. 

The Christ of this word is Jesus of the Bible. the Son of God [only begotten]. 

And -ian has several meanings: belonging to or relating to; a person belonging to or coming from; typical of or resembling; adhering to or following; and adherent of; a person who specializes or is an expert in.

So by these definitions, a Christian would be a person who belongs to Christ [I do, do you?]. aka: saved [by grace through faith]

But further than that, a Christian would be a person who resembles Christ and/or adhere's to His teaching. or someone who is an expert in Who Christ is and what He teaches. 

I do suppose that most of you reading this blog are, indeed, saved [Christians]; but are you [am I?] actively BEING a Christian? 

Do I resemble Christ? [producing good works and the fruit of the Spirit as He did in His earthly ministry]
Do I adhere to His teachings [as opposed to blindly following a human]? 
Am I striving to be an expert in Who He is? Do I study His teachings [the Bible] and try to apply the truths learned?

Do you?

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