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Thursday, October 6, 2011

our blessing

Just a few months before the time we found out that we would really, really need a van [4th child on the way, now almost 4 months old!], God was working to get it for us.

so HERE is our miracle. 

that we can look back upon and SEE GOD'S HAND MOVING:

It has a few of the fancy gadgets and gismos that come on vans these days. Electric doors, stow-n-go seats, deep cargo hold, etc. There is no DVD player, but I am pretty sure we can live with that [WHAT? yes, we don't watch movies when we are out and about. We sing songs and read books. or have conversations. with each other.  lol]. It does have a CD player, which aids in our singing. And now John and I can hold hands on the way to church again. [Kyria was having to sit between us in our car.] {smiles}

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  1. God is good! I love to watch Him provide things we need! I am so happy for you..well, I'm a little jealous too. I don't think our van will ever be that clean again. :D


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