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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


give thanks.

Giving thanks. This is a conscious effort that I am praying to make a way of life. He cannot take my thanks from me. I must give it to Him. 

If I am trusting God, why would I not give thanks to Him? He has given me so many promises. And I am beyond unworthy. 

this Life. 
my own. my husband's. children. friends. family.
give thanks.
eternal Life.
salvation. through Jesus only. There is nothing I could ever hope to try to do to gain Heaven. or His favor. ever.
give thanks.
parents. brother. grandparents. cousins. 
husband. children.
give thanks.
the ability to do so. my husband's job. income. the opportunity to teach my children.
give thanks.
near or far. just a phone call away.




give thanks.
I will never give proper praise for all He has given me and done for me. Even the frustrations of life are for a purpose. To make me stronger. To show me just how much I need Him. To teach me to love the unloveable. To show me how I need to change to be more like Him. To remind me that life is not about me. 

When I have a proper view of Who God is and who I am... giving thanks WILL BE a way of life. 

These are just some thoughts I have had the past few days and have finally taken the time to write some of it out. Thankfulness is often a difficult sentiment to express beyond
thank you, God. 
You love me and that is more than I could ever ask for.

And in learning and applying thankfulness, I pray I become just a little bit better at being that woman God created me to be for my man.

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  1. ..."Thankfulness is often a difficult sentiment to express beyond
    thank you, God.
    You love me and that is more than I could ever ask for."

    So beautifully expressed and oh so very true. We can never thank HIM enough...but like you...I want to live my life trying.

    Beautiful post-


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