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Monday, September 10, 2012

the trust of babes

If you are a momma or have ever been close to small children, you will recognize what I am talking about here.

{not my kitchen sink! but isn't that tile pretty?}

I stand still. My hands are immersed in that sudsy, warm water known to all women... at the kitchen sink. {smiles}  My mind wanders a million miles away-to time past or our children's future.... or just a few feet away to thoughts of my honey.

And then I feel it, the little fingers tugging at my skirt {and my heart strings!} while little legs struggle to stand. This miniature body leans full force into me. He knows I will not let him fall {at least not too hard, yet}. He trusts me.

I sit. I bend my body all the way down to the floor. They need mommy to be accessible. Sometimes all at once, but usually one by one, little bodies come to me, wanting arms to wrap around. The baby pushes through on hands and knees still. He grabs whatever he can reach and uses my strength to help him stand, again. His body lunges for me. He trusts my love.

taken over a year ago!
This trust, all my children showed it as babies. This all-consuming confidence is how I must trust God my Father to care for my day-to-day. He DOES care, even for the nitty gritty!

I must rest knowing that He will catch me should I fall when struggling to stand. He never moves. [Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8], so He is always right where I need Him to be when I need Strength. 

I must trust, rest as securely as my child using me to learn to stand, in His love for me.

And so should you... because His love for you is the same!

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