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Friday, May 4, 2012

I am not enough

OH my!!
As a new mother I was also a young wife (which most new mothers are) and thus I was learning so much in such a short time.

Or, at least I NEEDED to be learning. But I was not. I was barely surviving.

Looking back, I can see this. At the time I thought there was just something seriously wrong with me. I felt as though I was not a good enough person to be a mom. (um, who IS?) and I was not really prepared to be a wife (again, who is?).

Life is a learning process. An adventure in discovery.

And I have discovered that life is messy.
   Children can be annoying.
   Husbands can be frustrating.
   Friends can turn on you.

And this journey, this adventure we call living is not fair. 

But that's OK! If life were fair, we would all have to clean up our own mess (as nice as that sounds, then no one could give you a break!) 

and if life were fair, there would be no salvation.

and if life were fair, there would be no Helper, no Peace-giver for us to call Father.

So, I am not enough. This I have learned thoroughly! but He IS enough. His help is my potential. His peace is my strength.

Lean on the Savior, the One Who loves you more than any other. And, while your clothing will still not put itself away and the sink will still pile with dishes and your children will still squabble and need your attention... your heart [and home] will be full of peace [though not necessarily quiet or complete order]. Your life will be filled with the calm and strength and resolve that cannot come from your own will-power. 

Your world may fall apart daily, but you will not.

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