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Thursday, February 9, 2012

answering {simple} questions .1

I must preface this by saying that only if you as the parent/adult are already saved  
can you truly answer a child's questions regarding salvation. 
Only God can guide your words to speak appropriately.

1. What does it mean to be "saved"?
2. How does Jesus come into our hearts?

These answers will be written the way that I would address a small child [under age 5]. Children can understand so much, but we must also be aware of just how literal they are!
because one day they will need to know how to hold God's hand!

"Saved" means that you have asked Jesus to come into your heart and wash away the sin. [This does not mean that another person is going to come into your body. It is not something we can see.] This is also called being "born again." 

This also means that you have Everlasting Life. which means that when you die you will go to heaven to live with God. Those who understand this and choose not to "get saved" will not go to heaven but hell when they die-living an eternal death.

Jesus will only save you or come into your heart if you ask Him to. He then becomes a part of your life and He can help you in your mind to choose to do right instead of wrong. He can help you think good thoughts and be nice to others. He can help you be strong enough to help others {such as a younger brother or sister} choose to do right, too. 

some Scripture reading: John 3:1-21 [especially: 16,17] 
and Acts 2:21 & 10:13; 16:30-33.

Next week's questions: Why does a person need to be saved? / What is sin? and How old does a person have to be to get saved?

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