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Friday, December 9, 2011

taking the slow path

Except for some specific items for my hubby that we will shop for together, our Christmas shopping is done. I am working on a few home-made things for the girls. More on those AFTER Christmas.
My Kyria [7] made home-made gifts for her class party coming soon. We had lots of fun... googly eyes will do that!
The girls enjoy reading from our Advent Calendar each evening. And telling what they are thankful for.
I have been finding a few ideas of crafts to do during the days school is out. 

We are also going to make our own wrapping paper! [more on that later, too]
We have no plans other than a school party, a staff luncheon and making cookies together with my girlies. Both sides of our families live far away, so I am sure we will try to video-chat with them sometime during the few days before Christmas day. 
We have Christmas cards to mail. I am sure the girls will make pictures to send the Grandparents [just pretend you didn't read that, Mom!] Every couple years we try to do a craft for them-such as handprint clay or picture collages. I have an idea for this year... but it may be a New Years gift instead. If we lived closer, I am sure we would do more together.
We love just being our little family. Most of our friends have family near. and, of course, spend the special holidays with them. Thus we have the privilege of learning how to take the slow path. 

Teaching by doing - that there is more to this time of year than rushing to buy the biggest and best of everything we don't really need. Trying to be a part of every party and activity available can create stress. and I am trying to stop teaching 'stress' to my children. [easier said than done!]
 So, I will [try to] sit back and enjoy. spending time doing only what is necessary with a few nice things thrown in... instead of wondering how we will fit it all in before December 25th!

and Be Blessed with HIS LOVE!
**except for the Advent Readings and the next Keys to Emotional Health which are mostly already typed and scheduled, I will probably not post much more between now and Christmas. The Owl Ornaments were inspired by a lady named Disney and my Kyria's school teacher, Mrs. Moore-sweetest lady and a most wonderful teacher. The theme of their classroom this year is "Making WISE Choices"... thus, the owl!

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