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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what we started

Right in the middle of October, when Halloween was looming and Thanksgiving was around the corner {and Christmas after that!}, I wanted to do something with my family that would take their minds off the candy and scary costumes  and put it on being thankful!

But I also did not want this Thankfulness to stop with "Turkey day!" I wanted something to keep THANKFULNESS in our hearts through the hustle and bustle that has begun!

So, I asked the Lord to guide my thoughts- for something we could do that could be VISIBLE to my children at all times and require no trip to the store!
I enjoy computer graphics [my children prefer crayons! as you can see] so I used a computer to make this grid, but you could just as easily draw it with ruler and marker. I already had these little crayon papers. so I made the box size accordingly. I put a few Bible verses about thankfulness and thanksgiving on it.
Every evening during our family devotions we talk about what we are thankful for. If we have been to church [thus making our night a little late], we pick one thing as a family. Otherwise, each of us say one thing we are thankful for. Occasionally we have repeats. but we try to combat them. Some days our hearts are turned by what happened that day. other times we just think of things like friends and church and toys.

It is taped to a shelf on our bookshelf in our living room. We all see it multiple times daily. and now that we are half way through... it adds a lot of color! {smiles}

We began October 25 and will end on December 25. My prayer is that my children, husband and I can ALL learn more about being thankful. having the Spirit of Thankfulness permeate our lives. all the way through to Christmas night! [and beyond!]


  1. How wonderful! I love the idea! What a blessing it will be! :)

  2. VERY GOOD!! Great idea, it will become 'tradition'


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