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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a price above rubies .4

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31:13

The main emphasis of this verse is the this lady works WILLINGLY with her hands. This thought encompasses many of the following verses and is the heart issue of them. Though we will look at her specific tasks, and other ladies will be lending some thoughts on those, the BIG issue is that she is willing to do what needs to be done during the different seasons of her family's life. 

Seeking wool and flax implies that she either gathers the raw materials to create fabric [very likely], or she acquired the fabrics needed to make clothing for her household. Linen comes from flax and was used for various undergarments, inner tunics, and lamp wicks. Flax seeds can also be ground and used in breads or can be eaten whole and are very nutritional [another topic]. Wool was used more for outer tunics and could be used as a blanket at night. 

In thinking of these uses of flax and wool [and there are more!] we can see different  responsibilities that this implies. 

As a wife and mother it is my responsibility to

...clothe my family. Whether I buy fabric and sew or purchase ready-made items, finding durable, modest, attractive clothing for my husband, myself, and our children is within my realm of duty. [This is not to say that my husband and said children have no say in their clothing, but that is also another topic.] Being frugal and finding deals, thrift shopping, and handing clothing down [or accepting second-hand clothing] all fit into this category. 

...feed my family healthy foods. [I am not legally qualified to speak of nutrition or recommend certain foods over others, but there are many resources online for studying it, and I have friends whose study I trust when they recommend certain plants for consumption.] You must rely on your own research for this. Personally, I do try to have fresh fruits and veggies available for snacks, but more often find that frozen or canned are more in my price range, and simple cooking methods can elevate even canned peaches to a scrumptious dessert [with no added sugar!]. I use flax seed in my bread, and there are many other grains/seeds that can be added to flour to make bread more wholesome. Again, your own study must guide you in that. 

...cover my family when it is cold and provide a light source when necessary. Do we have enough blankets for the colder days? Is there an adequate light source to finish tasks or read a good book when the sun has gone to bed early [again, in the colder days]? 

[There are many other areas that could be discussed, but many of those are brought out in the next few verses and will be left to their own post.]

While it is truly [thankfully] not necessary that I herd sheep and grow/harvest flax to accomplish these tasks, it IS necessary that my heart is right in order that these tasks bring glory to God and cause my husband's heart to safely trust in me. Seeking his counsel and knowing his preference in any of these areas [I like his input on my own clothing as well as my children's. To know what he likes and to try to accomplish that is doing GOOD to him.] is just another way of loving him.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 
Proverbs 31:10

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