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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pen & paper

Do you have a friend who could use an encouraging note? Did someone do something nice for you. or your child? 

Why not make a note custom-chic with a unique envelope.
And your children can help!

take an old calendar
open an envelope you have and trace it
with really cool pictures
or  you can find a printable template HERE
and cut a template
score the dotted/folded lines
fold in the sides & add glue
fold up the bottom to stick to the sides 
allow it to dry for a few minutes
[depending on the glue type used]

add a letter
[handwritten are the best!]
fold over top and glue or sticker it closed

front view of unfolded template
this kind of envelope can dress up 
even a piece of notebook paper 'card'
and it's ready for a stamp
let's hit those mailboxes with some REAL mail!!

and teach our children how to write a letter 
{more later}

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