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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

healing will come

I know that there are several of you who visit frequently that are not on facebook. So I thought I would share this link here as well. 

I had many thoughts the last few weeks... about my country [America] and about the elections that took place yesterday. As disappointing as the outcome was, I truly am not discouraged. 


And as I contemplated how to convey my thoughts... I was met with this post by a friend this morning: I Will Heal.

I will not restate all of her thoughts, but I will say that God HAS promised healing to His people... [and yes, I realize that verse is spoken directly to Israel... but I believe the principle holds true to all who follow Him] 

...but this healing is CONDITIONAL. He will not bring it upon a proud and unrepentant people.

As my Pastor often says: where there is LIFE there is HOPE. Hope for salvation. Hope for peace inside. Hope for life beyond this one.

And in the same turn: 
where there is HUMILITY there is this promise... of healing. 

Please read her post... 

{also, I am doing Days of Thankfulness on my facebook page... and will do a summary post of them at the end of the month....}


  1. :) This is a positive way to state your opinion about the election. :) Fabulous!

    1. even amid what some would say is "crisis status"... God is on His throne! and no one and nothing can change that! :) thanks for stopping by again [and letting me know!]


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