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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Good Wife's Guide {review}

book review
When I volunteered to read The Good Wife's Guide {with a foreword by Candace Cameron Bure} to offer a review of it, I was truly honored {read: *tickled purple*-I like purple better than pink} that the author responded and was willing for me to do so.

Darlene has genuinely taken to heart the passage in Titus 2 that instructs ...teach the young women... in this book about Embracing your Role as a Help Meet.

In a concise, easy-to-read format, Darlene lays out basic Biblical guidelines that will leave a Christian lady with the necessary tools in her heart and mind to be "the good wife."

If you are looking for sound, Scriptural advice about what God's intent of a help meet looks like and if you desire to learn from plain talk and practical advice, then this is a must read.
Some topics found:
*using your strengths and 
managing your weaknesses
*managing your time 
and making priorities
*truth about what submission is 
and a wife's role
*basic truths on mothering 
and practical ideas
*realistic methods of  creating schedules 
and routines for cleaning

*encouragement that being the woman God created you to be 
is so much more!

If you are [or know of!] a young lady contemplating marriage, this is an excellent resource. As a young mother approaching 9 years of marriage, this book helped me reinforce those areas I am doing the right thing as well as spotlight [in an encouraging manner] some things that need some work {smiles}.

The Good Wife's Guide will be an uplifting and helpful read to any Christian lady seeking to be a better wife [which I have found leads to being a better mommy, too!].

The author, Darlene Schacht,  is a sweet lady [that I have never actually met] whose humble spirit and graceful charm are evident in her blog Time-Warp-Wife.
In her own words [from her blog bio]:
I cherish vintage values, and yet I understand they are simply a means to an end. Yes they are to be cherished, but unless I couple those values with strong conviction based upon the Word of God and what is right in His sight, they are nothing but tradition, custom and practice. 
As a Christian, I accept the Word of God to be true, and each time I apply it to my life I quickly discover that there is a good reason God put it there. His wisdom exceeds mine.
Does this mean that I am a doormat to my husband or that I’m compromising my beliefs in any way? Absolutely not—I’m reinforcing them. I’m living out my faith which is backed by belief. I’m happily choosing to be my husband’s helper because faith powers every decision I make.
I believe that I was created with purpose, and in living out our purpose we discover a peace which passes all understanding through Jesus Christ our Lord.

*I received a free copy of this eBook 
with the intent of writing a review. 

There is no affiliate link, but please click the picture

if you desire to purchase this book.

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through February 15 {2012}

You can also visit Darlene online at

for Godly wisdom spoken with vintage charm.


  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful reveiw! I'll share it with my readers on facebook.

    I truly appreciate you taking the time to review this. Humbled and grateful.

  2. What a great review. I am still working my courage up to read it! I am a chicken! But this helps. Baby steps. Very nice job.

    1. ModernDayDisciple. thanks for stopping by. I pray you find the courage to read it :) learning isn't always easy, but living God's plan is worth any 'discomfort'!!


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