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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

being MY husband's wife

There are so many posts out there that talk about being a wife the way God intended. There are a few posts about that on this blog. 

But today I am going to tell you a few things I have personally learned about being the wife my husband praises {wow! that sounds boastful, but his praises are how I know I have done something right! so I am going to share what that has been recently}. 
**And just because my husband has noticed these things does NOT mean I can give them up as "accomplished"! I still struggle with these -and so much more- every. single. day.**
1. being intentionally "beautiful" for him. dressing more for his eyes. {I know that might sound like I think I'm pretty, but really, I just mean that what he enjoys about my wardrobe has become more of my focus when I dress & shop}
When I keep my hubby's likes in the forefront of my thoughts when dressing for the day, I find there are a few items of clothing that really need to go! And when I allow it to influence what I buy, I feel better about spending a few dollars on my wardrobe. I also find that I feel more feminine knowing that there is a man out there that appreciates the way I look {smiles}. 
**Have you ever asked your husband what clothing he likes on you? or just taken note of his expressive reaction to your outfit?

2. making our supper daily. and usually it is edible. {smiles}
I try to make note of the meals he eats quickly and those he gives me some "direction" on... and take the direction as a gentle reminder that I am not the only one eating the food I prepare! While I do try to make our food as nutritionally healthy as possible, sometimes I just try to make something I know he thinks is YUMMY! because HE is my #1! 
**Do you let your husband occasionally criticize your food with an open mind {and heart!}? It's not easy sometimes, but it can show him your love.

3. allowing God to work in my heart. {if he can notice it, it must not be my imagination that God is working. and He has shown me some ugly things about myself recently}
When I ask and then allow God to show me that ugliness called SELF in my heart and then also allow Him to work a change in my life, it makes me a more pleasant person {just trust me on that if you have never experienced it}. And living with a woman who has a pleasant disposition is at least part of EVERY man's dream! {smiles} Yes, it IS hard sometimes. It is painful to know... sometimes agonizing to admit... that I am wrong. that things I have thought and acted on were just not right. not Godly. not Christlike.
But when I have allowed God to work and I have humbly told my husband that I know this or that was wrong and will you please forgive me, there is such a freedom that comes. And usually he turns right around and tells me that he realizes it was not all my fault.
** When you have conflict with your husband, do you ever honestly asked God to reveal your own fault in the situation? and then talked humbly and openly with your husband about it?

I pray these thoughts are encouraging to someone today! 

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