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Thursday, January 26, 2012

{teaching} God is [& link-up]

Before our children can know to ask us about salvation we must teach them about God.

All men are born with the knowledge of God written in their heart [Proverbs 14:1, Romans 2:14-16].

But this does not mean our children will automatically know God.

Man is born a sinner. Even as a babe, we are all sinners. If you have children, you cannot dispute this fact. A child left to himself brings shame on his mother [Proverbs 29:15].

Since the same heart that knows God also contains sin, the knowledge of God must be cultivated to become knowing God. People do not know who He is without being taught. Yes, if a lost man seeks for God, God will not hide himself [Jeremiah 29:13].

But we must teach our children who God is.

And we must teach our children to KNOW God. and the earlier the better. 

In the first hours and days of each of our children's lives they each had several people telling them them "Jesus loves you" often ... through words, song and even action. These people included us as parents. our parents. and church members who visited. My children are greatly blessed.

Of course, my babies had no idea what we were saying; but as they grow and learn from Bible stories and Sunday school and family devotions that Jesus is God and God made us and loves us and wants to be our Heavenly Father, a sense of God is All-Important is instilled in their hearts. And this is fundamental to their ability to realize their need of a Savior at an early age.

When children are taught this, it is fact in their hearts [Proverbs 22:6]. And if the knowledge that Jesus loves them and He is ALL-Important becomes as integrated into their being as the fact that Daddy and Mommy loves them, the root of faith takes hold
even while still a baby.

{If you have a blog, please join in! Just link to a blog post URL in which you have talked about a child-training tip or Bible teaching idea for children!}

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