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Monday, January 23, 2012

some {simple} questions

1. What does it mean to be saved?

2. How does Jesus come into our hearts?

3. Why does a person need to be saved?

4. How old does a person need to be to be saved?

5. How does being saved take your sins away?

one prayer is for them to always be able to hold each others hands...
6. Can a person be saved without asking Jesus to come into their heart?

Have you ever wondered any of these questions when thinking of and praying for your children? Have your children ever asked you something along these lines?

Teaching children spiritual truths is a daunting challenge. It causes my very being to go weak with the awesomeness of the responsibility. that God gave to ME and MY HUSBAND [and YOU and YOUR HUSBAND].
this one reminds me that one day they will not have my hand...
and I need to be sure they know how to hold His!

The next few weeks Tips for Training Children will take on a spiritual note. We will start at the beginning [and see God] and then look at these questions in the light of the Word of God. If we cannot answer or teach our children from the Bible, the foundation of their faith will not be true and accurate and will one day crumble.

until Thursday...

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