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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

faith education

This past weekend one of my Pastor's messages was on the School of Faith, and one comment that stood out to me was: 

A faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted.
In his text in Genesis, the story of Abraham, he pointed out many of the times that Abraham's faith was tested [and the times he failed as well as the times he triumphed]. 

But one thought that really stuck with me was that quote.

Can my faith be tested? I believe there have been many times that it has been. And I know there have been innumerable times my faith failed a test. But I want to think there have been times I have triumphed also. for His glory. And there are many avenues through which this testing approaches.

Life-events have tried my faith. When my husband and I were first married and we moved here to work in this ministry, I left everyone I knew. We moved into a new home within weeks and then, days later found out our first bundle of blessing was coming. I had just started a new job also. I had not even unpacked all our things into our home, and I was sick. For the next 7 months I was ill. I did not pass all the tests that arose from those situations. [not by a long shot. but I sure did learn a lot!] That was 8 years ago.

The general populace, including family and friends, have tried my faith. and tested my patience {smiles}. [I am sure I have tested theirs also.] I have learned much about God, His love and mercy and graciousness, from interacting with people. I have learned more about God from interacting with my children. Sometimes I lose something {ahem, temper}, and have to go looking for it. and apologize. My husband has taught me much about dealing with people. and all of it stems from a root of humility. {But that's another post.}

The temptation of more. having. wanting. going. doing. has tried my faith. But God is always faithful and has always provided more than we could ever [TRULY] need. way more. and, while there are days this becomes a struggle again, the Lord has taught me to be content with the what. who. where. & when of our life.

So, can my faith be trusted? can yours? I know God has tested. I have seen areas of testing generate ministry opportunity. I believe when that happens, I passed the test. that one - not all of them! [note to self: watch out! just because I passed it once doesn't mean the same test will not come around again. for a refresher course!]

Which leads me to this thought.  

Our perspective in the day-to-day is determined [solely] by our relationship with Christ in the day-to-day.  

Perspective can and will change as often as our relationship with the Lord changes. and perspective fashions the attitude with which we face our faith tests. which in turn influences whether we triumph or fail.

My prayer today is that our relationship with Jesus is genuine, faithful and daily. For only then will our faith be ready for the tests. and only then will triumph even be possible. 

 Can the Lord "trust" me? 

[My humble thoughts could never do justice to the study my pastor brings to each of his messages. These main points were from his sermon but put into my own words and applications] 

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  1. I love posts like these ; ) thoughtful and convicting. right up my alley!

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