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Thursday, November 3, 2011

church family


I am reminded of the priceless treasure my family has in our church family.

Both sets of grandparents live far away, but there are several couples in the church who just 'adopt' all the children to be their grandchildren. They speak to and hug every child and just genuinely LOVE children. 

Each of our children have friends whose parents desire Godliness for their own families. My husband and I both have individuals as well as couples that we enjoy spending time with whenever life allows. or just talking to for a few minutes after service. 

There are people I know I can go to and ask for specific prayer requests and know it will be prayed about.

Our Pastor always preaches truth. and encourages us to hunt  in the Bible for ourselves and not just follow him. but follow Jesus. He is a wonderful example of faithfulness [he and his wife have been in this church for over 30 years!] and Godly servanthood.

There has not been a service in the 8 years we've been here where I did not walk away encouraged by something.  the sermon. a kind word. a sweet gesture towards my children. a smiling face. a song sung from the heart.

God has blessed my family.

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