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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a cheesy smile

I love when my kids give those cheesy grins for pictures. They know they are cute!

My youngest daughter has the cheesiest smile of all my girlies. and I love it!

She loves her big sisters.

She is so cute when she whispers, trying to be quiet while her baby brother sleeps.

She wants to help and be just as big as Kyria. or Anya.

She loves to sing. 
   and look at books. [and make stacks everywhere]
   and color. [and leave the crayons out]
   and pretend play.
   and kiss Mommy. randomly.
   and kiss Corban. alot!
Mikalah Elisabeth
her name means:  Who is like My God? My God is Abundance!

I pray that she truly learns and knows just how Big our God is! He is Abundance. and there is NO god like Him.

She is my own personal wind-storm. and I thank God for her!

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