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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[born of necessity] fruit cobbler

This creation was born of a desire for peach cobbler and no fresh peaches and no way to get any right then. {smiles}
so --use what you have!
[great for mid-winter 
when fresh fruit is not readily available]

1 can of sliced peaches 
[in natural juices and light syrup]

spread out in a 9x13 pan

cover with 1/2 [or so] cup of rolled oats
[not the quick cook kind]
looking yum already!
2-3 very ripe apples sliced thin
[about 16 slices per apple for me]
layer over the peaches and oatmeal
sprinkle your own mixture of cinnamon and sugar
[I like to make my own mixture so it can be more
cinnamony and less sugary than the store-bought]
and then for a extra special holiday flavor
I sprinkle about 1 -1-1/2 tsp allspice on it
for a topping I have used several different things
my favorite was pie dough
and have also used a streusel type dough, 
but that's a LOT of oatmeal. 

cover with your desired [or available] dough
bake at 375 for about 30 minutes 
or until juices are bubbly
allow to cool at least 20 min

[yeah right!]

and consume.
My latest addition was about 1 cup of frozen blueberries sprinkled on before the dough topping. If you have a child that is fond of brightly colored foods... it makes the WHOLE oatmeal part very purple. {smiles} It was VERY yum.
And if you like it more fruity-use 2 cans of peaches or 1 can of peaches and 1 can of apricots or pears.
Serving options include: warm, ala mode [vanilla or REAL strawberry-YUM], whipped cream, with other fresh berries. 

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